You can buy my photos for personal use or for publications.

Width – Price
0.4m     130 US$
0.6m     200 US$
0.9m     330 US$
1.5m     490 US$
1.9m    690 US$

Photographs are printed on paper and will be delivered in a tube.
I recommend to order the lamination with the special transparent glossy or mat film.
This will make photo live longer and it will be easier to clean it. This will cost additional 20US$ per square meter.

Here is the example how the panorama 170cm with the mount could look like:

The file with a 10-prints license is 2-3 times more expensive, depending on the image size.

Here is the example how the panorama could be printed and mounted on the glass wall:
(this is VR panorama move it by draging left mouse botton)

You can order a photo by filling the form with the information:
1. link to the photo in my portfolio or albums
2. desirable width
3. your contact information


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